The collaboration between ACC Vietnam and Zhong Jian Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Northern Vietnam marks a significant milestone for ACC Vietnam’s expansion. This partnership involves a direct power purchase agreement for a rooftop solar power system with a capacity of 1,246 kWp. This system aims to fulfill half of the plant’s electricity requirements and generate 1,507 kWh of green electricity annually.

Located in Bac Ninh province, Zhong Jian Vietnam Package is part of the Shanying International group, situated in one of the top 10 provinces attracting substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country. Bac Ninh province received significant FDI capital, with China contributing 14% of the total FDI capital in Vietnam during the first half of 2023.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has projected a potential electricity shortage of up to 1,770 megawatts in Northern Vietnam during the upcoming dry season, representing about 10% of the region’s total power demand. This scarcity is attributed to low water levels in hydropower reservoirs, as well as delays in new power source investments and grid infrastructure developments, resulting in an inadequate electricity supply.

To address these challenges, businesses are encouraged to diversify their power sources and transition towards self-consumption to reduce reliance and associated risks.

ACC Vietnam, through its CEO Mr. Michael Luong, emphasized their commitment to supporting sustainable development alongside Vietnam Zhong Jian Package. Their rooftop solar power system is designed to meet half of the factory’s electricity needs, significantly reducing carbon emissions by 800 tons annually.

With a solid position in China’s renewable energy sector and a proven track record of clean energy solutions for multinational partners and domestic businesses, ACC Group is now extending its expertise to Vietnam through ACC Vietnam’s venture in the North. This move aligns with the Group’s overarching strategy and commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

In addition, Zhong Jian Vietnam Package focuses on packaging paper and newspaper production lines, utilizing both domestic and imported recycled fibers to create a range of paper products including box board paper, high-strength arris paper, card paper, and newspapers. The Industrial Park (IZ) in Thuan Thanh II urban area, with its extensive planning area, plays a key role in accommodating these industrial endeavors.