Sustainability at Asia Clean Capital Vietnam

Sustainability is central to our business DNA. We believe that an integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) best practices into our business operation and management is beneficial not only to our efficiency and sustainable growth but also to stakeholder value creation.

Our commitments

  • Education: ACCV commits to promote continuing education regarding matters of sustainability and ESG issues at all levels of our organization, from senior management to new recruits.
  • Minimizing environmental impacts: ACCV positions ourselves to be a key contributor to decarbonization. Our business activities are closely aligned with green energy generation, emission reduction, effective resource management, and clean production efforts. In terms of internal operation, ACCV are taking measures to promote low-carbon office with a strong engagement of all employees.
  • Taking care of our people: ACCV aims at cultivating a diverse, inclusive, safe and respectful work environment that is free from any form of contamination, discrimination or harassment, provides equal opportunities for all employees as well as contract and working terms and conditions that are, at a minimum, in compliance with relevant laws.
  • Contributing to society: ACCV’s products and services deliver societal contributions, including assisting corporations to achieving their ESG’s targets, acceleration of green energy transition and green community environment, contributing to the local economies through responsible taxation and employment opportunities.
  • Shareholder benefits: ACCV acts in strict compliance with regulatory requirements and ensures integrity and clarity of the company’s financial reporting and of other disclosures relating to the company’s performance.